Benefits of LED Lighting

Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting


Long Life

Life expectancy is 50,000 hours.
When the LED lights are on 8 hours a day 5 days a week, the LED lights are expected to last 24 years.

calgary commercial lighting energy saving

Energy Efficiency

When compared to traditional lighting we expect to see a 50 to 80% reduction in energy used. This means that about 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light, while an incandescent bulb loses about 80% of its energy to heat and converts only about 20% of its energy to light.

calgary commercial led lighting energy efficiency
calgary industrial lighting airport led lights
An example of this is an airport. By switching over to LED lighting there is a power bill reduction of about 70%.
Minimal maintenance is another significant benefit of LED lighting.

Ecologically Friendly

LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Conventional fluorescent tubes contain mercury and are toxic to both people and the environment. LED lights are recycled the same way as electronic equipment. Being free of dangerous contaminants helps to reduce the carbon footprint by as much as one third.


Durable Quality

LEDs are manufactured with solid-state components. They are ideal for outside lighting that is exposed to high wind gusts and extreme weather conditions.


UV and UV Emissions

LED lighting produces little to no UV or Infrared emissions. This makes them suitable for museums and art galleries.


Maintenance Free

LED lights are virtually maintenance free. Changing ballasts and tubes and lights is a thing of the past.


Extreme Temperatures

Most LED lighting can be used in temperatures ranging from -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.


Directional Lighting

LED lighting directs light to where it is needed. Therefore LED lighting is more efficient, resulting in greater satisfaction.


Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching

LEDs are semiconductors and their life span is not affected by the number of times they are turned on and off. Many traditional lights take several minutes to achieve full brightness. LED lights turn on instantly.



Our LEDs have a 5 year warranty with an expected life of 50,000 hours.