Understanding the different types of LED lights

Understanding the different types of LED lights

Everyone understands the numerous advantages of switching from incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient LED light bulbs. LED lights are known for their high energy efficiency, tolerance to cold weather, longevity, and energy consumption. What most people do not know is how to accurately determine what type of LED light is good for their specific needs. Ever since the technology came to fruition, LEDs popularity has continuously grown, now available in many different types, shapes, sizes, and lumen (illumination). And while this exponential growth has provided customers many options from which to choose from it has alternatively also made the process of decision making much more difficult.

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Types of LED Lights

LED lights can be properly classified into three main groups (to which we can later subdivide according to each category).

Miniature LEDs

The first group and one could argue, the most common, are miniature LEDs. Ubiquitous in nature, miniature LEDs are found in everyday items like cell phones, remote controls, pointers, etc. They are available in a single shape or single color. This type of LED light can be also subdivided into low-current, standard or ultra-high output which are essentially different voltage, current, and wattage, characteristics.

Application-specific LED lights

Like the name implies, these are the kind of LED that fulfill a specific purpose and it is subdivided into many categories, these include: flash LEDs (lights that flash at a specific frequency), Bi-color and Tri-color (LEDs that offer multiple color of lights depending to their setting), and RGB LEDs or Red Green Blue LEDS (primary color of light that allows for millions of desired color combinations), alphanumeric LEDs (also seen in old calculators and screens, LEDs that from the full alphabet as well as symbols and numbers), and lastly, lighting LEDs or any household LED bulb ( these come in all shapes, design, and sizes).

High-Power LEDs

This type of LED is known for its much higher lumen output than standard LED (lumen is the technical unit used to measure the power of brightness of a specific lamp). This LED light is mostly seen in car headlights, high-powered lamps, and most of all, in industrial settings. Because of their high lumen output, these lights are capable of overheating, which is why they are mounted in a specific heat-absorbent material specially designed to prevent the LED bulb from exceeding certain temperatures. When looking for the best high-power LED, you need to verify that there is an appropriate balance between heat dissipation and output or else the longevity and reliability of the LED are compromised.

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